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  Guangzhou hull's chemical co., LTD., is by the China petrochemical group, guangzhou petrochemical general factory original China, a subsidiary of guangzhou industrial company and guangzhou day clothes film co., LTD., restructuring the establishment of a limited liability company.Company registered capital of 40 million yuan, is located in huangpu district of guangzhou petrochemical road 170, is engaged in the special solvent, oil refining, chemical additives, sulfur and other research and development, production, sales of the guangdong provincial high-tech enterprises.Consists of solvent oil, chemical chuan aid agent works, sulphur fuel oil processing factory, harmonic four production and business operation entity;A wholly-owned holding witchford technology co., LTD., guangzhou in guangzhou's hull PuMu plastic technology co., LTD.Company's total assets of about 300 million yuan, annual output value of about 1.1 billion yuan, sales income of about 1.3 billion yuan.
Company's existing staff of nearly three hundred people, including college degree or above in science and technology personnel 148 people, senior titles more than 60 people, has a group specializing in oil refining, chemical production, research and development personnel and advanced technology research and development facilities, enterprise in establishing enterprise technology center of guangdong province and guangzhou city key engineering technology research and development center, has a number of national invention patent.
The company has always been adhering to the "advanced technology, product quality, the quality is supreme, efficient" service tenet, through the IS09001:2008, IS014001:2004, GB/T28001:2001 management system certification and fully implement OHSE management system.Through the "high and new technology enterprise of guangdong province" and "private technology enterprises in guangzhou" identified;"Guangzhou outstanding private enterprise", "outstanding private enterprises" independent innovation in guangzhou, "guangzhou safety culture demonstration enterprise", "through train service in guangdong province key enterprises" title;"Hull's" trademark was rated as "guangzhou famous trademarks";And for many years been rated as guangzhou city industrial and commercial bureau "defend the contract heavy credit enterprise", is the guangzhou pay tax "key enterprises", "tax advanced enterprises" and "harmonious labor relations AAA enterprise".
The company always adhere to the "people-oriented, harmonious enterprise" concept, attaches great importance to the mechanism of internal culture and external brand image construction, actively participate in social public welfare and local construction.Company union was named the national home of "model worker";Company party committee was rated as "guangzhou party non-public economy were the first to fight for their optimal pilot studies and typical", "outstanding party organization in huangpu district" and "guangdong province" two new "top group", the company enjoys a good reputation, influence, and in places the brand image.